All of the Wynnya Healing and Nurturing products have been carefully blended to provide you with an all-natural way to maintain and enhance good health.

With the use of medicinal plant extracts and the careful addition of pure essential oils, our Healing and Nurturing products are the equivalent of nature’s own medicine chest.

Why pop pills and fill our bodies with harmful chemicals when nature has provided a purely natural alternative? I am not a doctor, but using natural products just makes more sense.

Healing and Nurturing products may be applied topically or inhaled, depending on your need. Use them whenever you feel a bit offish; your body will love you for it.


The products come in unique, hand-crafted and environmentally friendly linen bags. The range’s purist approach is carried through to the product packaging where only recyclable, earth-friendly, biodegradable packaging is used.

The linen bags are made at “Out of the Box” which is a skills development centre based in Gauteng, South Africa. The centre was established in 2005 and provides an invaluable service to the community.

Out of the Box provides skills, hope and opportunity to disadvantaged, unskilled and uneducated South Africans, enabling them to find sustainable income-generating opportunities. Out of the Box receives no government
funding and is solely dependent upon corporates, trusts, foundations and private individuals.

The linen bags are not only sewn at the centre, they are also screen printed; meaning that two of the many skills that are taught at Out of the Box have been used in the making of these unique bags.

Linen is made from flax; an incredibly useful plant. Flax, and the linen textiles made from it, is environmentally friendly in a number of ways. The whole plant is used so there is zero waste. Since it is a natural fibre, linen is recyclable and biodegradable. Flax linen is stronger than cotton, which means that items made from linen last longer.

Meet the Team at Out of the Box.
Nina Venjakob returned to South Africa from Venezuela and the Caribbean in 1987 with a burning desire to make a difference in the economically suppressed environment at that time. Nina discovered an extensive home
industry within South Africa that had no business or distribution skills. Through her initiative, various sales channels were identified and developed. Through the funding and development of skills, the need for a formalised structure was identified, and Out of the Box was established. Nina was named LeadSA’s
Hero of the Month for December 2016. Lin Insel joined Out of the Box in January 2015 on a fulltime basis as Admin and Finance Manager and has also been appointed as a Director. Lin has been teaching sewing at the centre since its inception in 2005, and continues to do so along with her other duties. Lin has had many years’ experience in the corporate admin and financial sectors and she also ran her own dressmaking business for 10 years.

Combining Monika’s desire to create purely natural beauty products with Nina’s desire to make a difference in the community has resulted in a partnership between Wynnya and Out of the Box.
This is genuine and unique partnership combining health, wellness and sustainability.

We at Wynnya endeavour to bring you only the best.

Berkana-Rune Meaning

“The most obvious Truth is hidden deep within, and only you will ever know it.”
The rune of continued growth and continual rebirth or renewal in all things. The rune of becoming.

Berkana has the energy of a birch grove, and is an hidden sanctuary in times of need. The birch is the first tree to awaken in the spring time, and so Berkana is about the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Healing of all sorts is strongest through this rune, particularly recuperation, rejuvenation, purification, detoxification and regeneration.

It is a life giving rune, so is best used to assist life, to heal and to protect. It will enhance efforts to give oneself, and others, the time and space they need to grow on their own.

This ability is magical, requires great humility and is an enviable feminine power.

Berkana refers to renewal, regeneration, purification, healing, and recovery. It is the rune of the family and the home. Birth in this context can be literal or symbolic, such as the successful start of any new idea or enterprise.

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