Decongested & Revitalised Bath Indulgence

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500g Bath Indulgence blend in paper bag.

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500g Bath Indulgence blend in paper bag.


The blend of natural bath powders, luxurious oils and essential oils will allow your skin to be nourished immediately.

The warm steam of your water will evaporate the essential oils to aid your deep breathing.

Beautiful softening aid for your foot- and hand spa.

A natural approach to respiratory help. If you are suffering from congestion and strained breathing, use our unique blend of Respiratory Help essential oils to assist with respiration and bring you relief.

A restorative blend that promotes a feeling of easy breathing, revitalization and clear airways. When you’re sick in bed the Respiratory Help essential oil comforts with its aromas while also calming the senses.

From serious infections to minor colds and flu, Respiratory Help is a powerhouse and our top pick for some much-needed support. It is revitalizing to those with congestion, allergies, sinus problems and general respiratory issues. This refreshing blend is a breath of fresh air to anyone feeling bogged down.


Once you climb into your bathtub of soothing warm water, add a big scoop or two of the powder blend all around yourself and enjoy the luxurious fizz of pure softness against your skin.

Add a scoop to your mani and pedicure soak, for super soft hands and feet.

Your skin will be pampered at its finest.


Citric Acid

Bicarbonate Soda

Bath Crystals

Bath Salt

Macadamia Oil

Baobab Oil

Apricot Oil

Kalahari Melon Seed Oil

Fir Needle





Tea Tree


General Info

500g Bath Indulgence in brown paper bag

Special Note:
Always listen to the advice of your doctor to get professional help with any kind of illness.

Decant into a beautiful glass jar with lid to keep it dry.

This info is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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