Energetic & Enthusiastic Bath Indulgence

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500g Bath Indulgence blend in paper bag.

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500g Bath Indulgence blend in paper bag.


Do you feel in desperate need to submerge into warm and comforting water to relax and inhale? This bath indulgence blend will leave you deeply relaxed, while you breath in deeply the healing benefits of the essential oils. The luxurious salt and mineral blend with assist your body with detoxification and nourishment of the skin. Various quick absorbing carrier oils will leave your skin super velvet smooth once you step out of your bath tub.


Gentle but powerful absorption and inhalation of essential oils.


Once you sit in your bath add a good handful or two of the blend and enjoy the stunning gentle fizz of the salts, evaporation of the essential oils and the softness of the oils.


Citric Acid

Bicarbonate Soda

Bath Crystals

Bath Salt

Macadamia Oil

Baobab Oil

Apricot Oil

Kalahari Melon Seed Oil





General Info

Decant into a beautiful glass jar with lid to keep it dry.


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