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6 weeks of allowing herbs to seep in exquisite oils and then being enhanced even further with essential oils.

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6 weeks of allowing herbs to seep in exquisite oils and then being enhanced even further with essential oils.

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30ml dropper bottle, 50ml dropper bottle, 100ml dropper bottle


Mature Face Serum is ideal for older skin as the combination of ingredients reduce marks and the signs of ageing.
This serum is packed full of natural ingredients that are geared to assist and slow down the signs of ageing.
It is mild, hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin, contains antioxidants and acts as a protective nourishing feeder to the skin.


After cleansing with the Wynnya Face Wash apply a small amount to the palm of your hand, warm together between your palms and apply all over your face and neck.
Can be used day and night.


Calendula infused Argan Oil  
Chamomile infused Rosehip Oil
Elderflower infused Jojoba Oil 
Lavender infused Sweet Almond Oil
Calendula infused Evening Primrose Oil
Rose Oil Blend 
Frankincense EO
Carrot Seed EO 
Lavender EO
Cedarwood EO 
Geranium EO
Helichrysum EO 
Sandalwood EO
Rosemary EO   
Myrrh EO

General Info

Face Serum in a 50ml dropper bottle
Special Notes:
Please be careful to avoid staining your clothes

1 review for Face Serum

  1. Sally

    I have been using the mature serum for 4 years. My skin has never looked (of felt) better. I had a facial in Dubai a couple of years ago and the beautician said that she couldn’t recommend anything to me as my skin was the best she had ever seen (for my age of course). I find it very easy to use and it suits my busy lifestyle. I couldn’t use a wash and then a toner and then moisturizer and then….? I use the serum and nothing else.
    I play a lot of outside sports and my sun damage (white spots) on my neck have faded considerably.
    I could not recommend the serum more highly – it is a fantastic product. I live overseas and I will spend 30 hours on a plane to replenish my stock.

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