Happy & Creative Room & Body Mist

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200ml essential oil and hydrosol blend in spray glass bottle.

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200ml essential oil and hydrosol blend in spray glass bottle.


Made with 100% pure essential oils and hydrosol, our nontoxic Room & Body Mist refreshes and elevates your favourite spaces.

Enticing and naturally balanced, this Room & Body Mist will become our new household staple to ward off germs and odour.

Defined by grounding and balancing earthy notes, this Room & Body Mist’s beautiful aroma has a knack of perking up any space.

Diffusing essential oils in a room can help your body, mind, and spirit heal and achieve that sense of relief.

Nothing beats making your room smell of your favourite scent after a long day.

Diffused essential oils can give you that whiff of soothing aromas to make you feel at ease and relieve you of stress after a long day full of work or studying.


Shake well before every single use.

Spritz throughout your home, office and car to enjoy the wonders of aromatherapy all day and night.

Respray as often as desired.




Black Pepper





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